About CREOpoint

An AI pioneer at the intersection of trust and social media, CREOpoint quickly addresses the risk and spread of damaging rumors and synthetic media by crowdsourcing and sharing an explainable content veracity score. Bringing human-rights values from France, tech-savviness from Estonia and Silicon Valley confidence from the U.S. CREOpoint was founded and funded by executives from technology, media, audit, law, consulting, and psychology, including leaders coming from Facebook, EY, The Financial Times, GE, United Technologies, WPP, BNP Paribas, Dassault Systèmes and Orange. The company licenses its patented IP to scale up the effort to mitigate and ultimately eliminate the insidious damage caused by disinformation.



Further to clients such as CBRE, EY, GE, KPMG, LVMH, and SNCF, CREOpoint welcomes licensing partnerships to realize the full potential of our patented technologies at scale