U.S. Patent Office grants Artificial Intelligence startup CREOpoint IP to help stop the spread of fake news on social media

American-European Entrepreneurs unveil licensable intellectual property for Big Tech and others to regain trust, improve health and save democracy.

CREOpoint is delivering on its vision to provide licensed customizable real-time intelligence channels that filter the rampant online toxicity that plagues grow-at-all-costs platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

“Fictitious information and deepfake videos are specifically designed to create confusion. The lines between fake or fact are constantly undermined, resulting in an alarming growth in corporate reputation damage as well as societal and political destabilization,” said Jean-Claude Goldenstein, founder & CEO of CREOpoint.  

Global industry leaders have contributed to the refinement and validation of CREOpoint solutions over the last decade. During the late 2008 Lehman bankruptcy, the company began helping executives who could not afford to not easily access what was essential to mitigate reputational damage. 

CREO.pt/GrantedPatent provides the foundation for AI to rank sources by relevance and influence and augment a human expert network enabling proprietary dynamic veracity signals. Users will enjoy their own controls to customize online intelligence about predetermined personalities, topics, events and/or brands, including filtering out disinformation before it spreads like wildfire.  

“CREOpoint is one of the few companies providing patented solutions for filtering out undesirable or misleading social media information” said Schwegman IP Attorney Michael Dunnam, former chair of the Electronic and Computer Law Committee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

“There has been little patent activity in this space, which suggests that R&D is surprisingly limited. Pioneering and focused companies like CREOpoint can lead the way by providing information overload controls which allow users to contain the spread of misinformation and disinformation."

Goldenstein founded and funded CREOpoint with support from an eclectic team of lifelong friends leaders in media, tech, financial and professional services. The genesis of CREOpoint’s latest IP efforts was the recognition that humanity can’t reliably know what’s real, placing truth and democracy at risk. 

Even though they have trillions of dollars in combined market caps, a small number of giant American digital media companies have received fewer than a dozen U.S. patents related to containing the daily wildfire of "fake news" and time-wasting digital addiction. That includes Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Snap and Twitter.

Calling innovators to the rescue to save trust

Given the exploding powers of weaponized private data on a darker web, we at CREOpoint are compelled to defend society’s collective moral compass by listening and gathering other concerned citizens and ethical technologists. CREOpoint seeks to partner with people who see the power of our inventions to improve people’s lives, mitigate reputational damage and brand safety risks. To learn more contact info@creopoint.com

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Click CREO.pt/USDisinfoIPJuly112019 to access the above interactive chart with U.S. patents.


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