Be powered by information, not overpowered by it

You are inundated with information about your clients, investors, competitors and the CRE market in general. CREOpoint has become the reference to help you manage this information overload thanks to our unique position at the convergence of online networking, business intelligence and mobile technology.

Prominent clients such as Global Logistics Properties, CBRE, GE Capital, Ernst &Young, ARGUS Software, NAI Global and W. P. Carey have been very impressed by the powerful way that we were able to present only the essential information coming from 16,000 relevant and influential media sources. That powerful capability is now available to you through myCREOpoint.

Every day our algorithm filters more than 40,000 property-relevant articles, videos, blogs, tweets and forum posts to bring you only the most relevant information in real time, calibrated for hundreds of micro-topics such as retail REITs, Green Buildings or "Grand Paris."

We do this so you never have to. We enable you to tailor your personal information hub with the channels you needs to prepare for important sales calls and other business meetings, complete more thorough due diligence, and better manage your assets and your business. If you are ready to get the information you need where and when you want it in a way that is more efficient than ever possible before, click here.

Exclusively for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Based on the success of the CREOpoint online community, CRE industry leaders look to us as the real experts for innovative industry news and social media solutions. We have and will continue to leverage our Advisory Board of industry leaders, experts in the CREOpoint community and feedback from our users to continue to develop a solution that gets you the news you need where and when you need it.

What Matters – and Nothing More

No more wasting time reading the same story from countless sources or trying to weed through the daily onslaught of newsletters and traditional and social media. Our developers and analysts will continue to fine tune our algorithm and apply it to your favorite sources and news, so that we can provide you with precisely what you and your organization need - and nothing more. Our CRE experts who know this business segment will insure that we get right to the news you need.

Customized News

Our unique algorithm filters out the growing noise from the ever expand range of sources to bring you a curator feed of the news that saves you time, allows you to better manage risk and improve how you do business. Just try to generalist search C&W (Cushman but also Cable & Wireless), FDR (Fonciere des Regions but also Roosevelt), W. P. Carey (a fund but also a contributor to a business school that creates its own buzz), "Grand Paris", or Colony Capital (interested in their deals or their dealings with Paris St Germain?). You get inferior results and cannot be sure that the search was even applied to the leading industry sources. That has all changed with myCREOpoint.


Because of myCREOpoint’s unique focus on the commercial real estate industry, our algorithm is calibrated to better understand our context than a generalist search engine, and therefore provides better results. Our CRE experts have had years of experience in this business and are able to design the search to get you exactly the news you need.

Feeling anxious sometimes that you don’t have time to read all these newsletters and emails?

You can start unsubscribing as the end is near for redundant articles (our clients complained about receiving the same "news" a dozen times as many sources rehash the same press release to decrease their costs). We simply set our filter to remove them if you’d like like. We also have developed our own filters to remove articles with profanity and tweets that do not have useful content. The result is the tailored news you need. No other news service offers the kind of news we provide for you.

One Subscription, Multiple Digital Devices

From your computer, your tablet or your smartphone in your office or on the road, your personalized information hub will help you stay ahead - and it’s all now at your fingertips. Say you are at a luncheon and see an important prospect. You need to quickly get up to speed about their latest news to break the ice and sound like you know what you should. Will you search their name (and risk having to go through pages of noise again) or simply click on the relevant icon on your mobile hub?

Real Time Alerts

You will be faster than your colleagues and competitors, and the first one to make the call! Each time you access any channel, the content from every single one of our sources relevant to that channel is automatically updated. A small spinning icon will display during the update. It is not necessary for you to take any action.

Maximum Flexibility

You can add new channels at any time! You can refresh your hub by trading in channels of interest each month. Done with a deal? Select from our 200+ other channels. No need for business intelligence? Our customers can cancel at any time. No setup / termination fees either. You can also display your channels on your screen in the order you wish.

Custom News Streams

myCREOpoint does for news was Pandora has done for Music. Select your favorite channels based on current events, proposals or meetings you are about to have and blend their news into a single stream. This is a unique way to build one channel that you can scan without having to look at multiple channels.

Example use cases

The head of marketing and board member of largest brokerage and consulting firm is the first one to know what's going on with clients and prospects.

A leading global research and analytics firm’s MD is expected to have the latest intelligence, and relies on our real time mobile solutions.

The Head of a Real Estate Hedge Fund asks us to add new channels for real estate personalities he is scheduled to meet.

The 24/7 treadmill used to make me constantly tired and stressed. So much easier now to keep up with
what I am expected to know, anytime anywhere.