Drive more business with our custom feeds for your own websites, social media assets and other displays

myCREOpoint™ allows you to offer a custom stream of curated content to your audiences for less than the cost of a temp and with no IT development cost or delay. Our custom feeds provide only the most relevant content sliced by topic or combined in any way you want (e.g., your brands or event sponsors). Email us today to arrange a demonstration.

Benefit from a constant stream of fresh authoritative content for all your online presences:

  • Be seen as "best in class" in your space with the most authoritative, filtered news and information from top content sources
  • Easily curate the content feed even from your mobile phone
  • Keep your prospects engaged with fresh content hourly on a stickier site
  • Make your new content more shareable for more engagement and impact.

You can display your curated content on:

  1. Your websites and blogs
  2. Each of your social media assets (e.g., Twitter and Facebook accounts)
  3. Your own app
  4. Your own displays (e.g., at events or in reception areas or conference rooms)
  5. Partner sites or magazine sites
  6. Make it available in popular readers such as Pulse (LinkedIn), Flipboard or others

The myCREOpoint™ Advantage

Like many of our clients you may have considered or tried alternatives like assistants, interns or outsourced services and found they are not available 24/7, have a difficult time filtering out noise and can’t guarantee they will catch everything. myCREOpoint™ eliminates those concerns without the recurring people, management expense and IT development costs.

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  • Entrepreneurs, startups and accelerators  

  • Easily curate content even from your mobile phone  

  • Some of the industry leading clients we have served  

  • Curated custom news live  

  • Keep your prospects engaged with fresh content in real time on a stickier site  

  • Some of the industry leading clients we have served  

  • We already got some good press, and myCREOpoint just got started  

  • Content marketing #1 digital marketing priority  

  • Some of the industry leading clients we have served  

  • 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing  

  • Where myCREOpoint sources content  

  • Some of the industry leading clients we have served  

  • Content is king  


Success Story for Sir Jackie Stewart

Increased the outreach as evidenced by the online buzz which the Dyslexia-focused nonprofit can now track and grow with the full support and engagement of President Sir Jackie Stewart.

myCREOpoint quickly provided easy access to an all-in-one live dashboard with snippets about Dyslexia Scotland taken from both traditional and social media. To improve the website appeal and encourage people to visit the site, we combined news and messages about Dyslexia with topical information about Sir Jackie.

See for yourself by clicking from a computer or ipad or Click and see for illustration the widget at the bottom "Dyslexia news from around the web brought to you by myCREOpoint".


Simple pricing

We charge a flat all-inclusive monthly consulting and license fee with a 3-month minimum to cover consulting, software development, hosting, testing, administration/curation dashboards, training, support, coordination and reporting costs.

Email us for more information or to set up a demonstration.

Your IT team will like our deliverables

The implementation takes minutes. We will develop upon request a sharable widget HTML or RSS feed with your own custom branding that you can easily paste into your reader or web Content Management System. See feed integration instructions here.

Access timetable will be controlled from our server per our licensing agreement.

myCREOpoint™ will continuously scour hundreds of thousands of online sources including traditional media, specialist blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+; filter the results to eliminate false positives and noise; and remove redundant articles and profanities.

We also offer data mining analytics (most clicked article per topic or brand) and can help you mass customize more relevant and targeted outbound emails that improve lead generation and trigger higher open rates and traffic back to your sites.

Your content team will like the ability to curate from their mobile devices

Curating your feed is simple:

  • Click on the arrow pointing down [1.] on the right of any article in your feed
  • Click on the X Remove [2.] to remove news item
  • Click on the X Ban source (System) [3.] to ban source from system. If you have maximum curation privileges note this action will remove the undesirable source throughout our system (users, websites, displays, mobile apps etc..) so please do NOT do that unless you are sure it will also be useful for ALL our other customers
  • Click on the X Ban source (Channel) [4.] to ban source from Channel

You will get a confirmation if the news item has been removed

If you have administrator accounts with curation privileges this action will remove the undesirable article throughout myCREOpoint system (users, websites, displays, mobile apps etc..)


Need a Custom Feed?

If one of our existing feeds doesn't fit your requirements or if you'd like to discuss integrating myCREOpoint data into your commercial product, we can also build custom "off market" feeds for you based on your business objectives. Please contact us at

Contact us today for a free consultation

We look forward to hearing from you and to serving you.