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myCREOpoint™ is simple and fast. Our solutions are designed to cut through the noise
and provide real time market intelligence you want when you want it. We like that too!
If just want to talk to someone who can help right now please reach out to
JC Goldenstein, Founder and CEO on his cell +1 914 310 4189 or jcg@mycreopoint.com

  • Time starved executives conveniently access clean, concise, customized
    intelligence feeds that deliver precisely what matters to them
  • CMOs, brand managers and our PR firm partners benefit from practical
    myCREOpoint online influencer targets and share of voice analytics to grow
    and measure their impact Vs. competitors
  • Content marketers provide their audiences with curated content at a
    fraction of the complexity, time or costs of other more manual processes
To find out more about how myCREOpoint’s custom feeds and analytics can help you
and your organization to increase your competitive edge or to arrange a demonstration
please contact JC Goldenstein, CEO at jcg@mycreopoint.com or call +1 914 310 4189