Feeling overwhelmed focusing your attention on what matters?

"It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure." (NYU)

It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure

The Solution = CREOpoint™ apps, newsletters and team curation powered by precision intelligence for predefined topics, organizations, personalities, and events (including around disinformation crises).

Who: People for whom the time value of information, stakes and social media noise are high and individuals who value control & personalization.

When: On demand - when surfacing the right content matters most.

How: Aggregates and curates millions of sources prioritized by relevance and influence. Think all the traditional media you have ever come across plus thousands more, long tail bloggers, hard to find specialists with useful comments on Twitter, unbiased YouTube videos in one place.

What you don’t know will hurt you, whether you are working on disinformation - trust in AI and media, or autonomous vehicles. We pioneered on the B2B side as early as 2008 at the intersection of trust and social networks. Never miss something you should be the first to know thanks to CREOpoint.

We have developed and delivered hundreds of confidential intelligence channels to business, political and entertainment leaders on the move. These conveniently predefined CREOpoint channels uniquely come with sophisticated patent pending features for mobility, self sufficiency, noise reduction, online influencer prioritization, crowd-curation, as well as user controls and personalization.

We have evolved to license our patented technology and provide related advisory solutions. Imagine what we could do together for faster revenues at lower risks thanks to CREOpoint talent & technology.

  1. Unique IP: Broad and deep relevance of patented “customizable intelligence channels” curating live video and text comments. You could also benefit from the option of patent pending for “Containing the Spread of Disinformation”. Option value as a sword, shield and barter asset v. direct competitors also under MNDA and possibly in harm’s way.
  2. More relevant experiences: CREOpoint could add value in the discovery, control & delivery of more personalized niche content, as well as for contextual top stories based on trending topics and silo busting sources.
  3. User acquisition and engagement: Thanks to simple pre-formatted focused sports, politics & entertainment “Channels” that will increase engagement in mobile & second screen Social TV settings.

Tech Validated by 30+ Pilot Clients:

The volume of ’news’ and the fragmentation of sources has become a problem. CREOpoint™ can help open new opportunities while lowering risk. Marc Lhermitte, Ernst & Young Partner

As seen in NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Nikkei and other major industry media..